Ejustice Services

Our solution focuses on enhancing judicial productivity, both qualitatively and quantitatively, to make the justice delivery system affordable, accessible, predictable, authentic and transparent.


Why Ejustice

Court documents filed and then processed with no visibility, no access to the court records, remains a challenge to the litigants which is solved here

Why GoSofto
Ejustice speciality -

Decentralized block chain storage makes the court documents more securable

Dynamic Forms

Dynamic form creation makes the system more efficient & adoptable for all the courts

Dynamic Approvals

We make the approvals dynamic in a way that, court users feels it easy to use

Email / SMS Notifications

Users will be notified with formal Email/SMS about the status of the claim

Online File Upload

Constant access to archives by court individuals

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Streamlining different processes and workflows by using user access control prompts efficiency and productivity levels of an organization, and reduces operating costs.

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